We collect and sell Credential used clothing and Shoes in original bags from affluent neighborhoods in California 

Credential goods are not processed or sorted in any way so our customers have opportunity to get the cream quality

We guarantee the integrity of the goods, there is absolutely no sorting or poking, you get the exactly donation.

The process of collection is keeping the goods clean and dry, while more cost-effective handling and logistics are obtained through innovations.

Because the goods are not sorted in any way, all usual categories of secondhand clothing articles will be present, including men's clothes, women's clothes, towels, shoes, bags, lotion, children's rummage and household textiles.

As the credential goods originate direct from the household here in California, not being “left-over” stock from second-hand and recycling-shop and not graded by any means we can assure you a high rate of Shop/Cream clothing and a low percentage of waste and non-recyclable textiles.

Our clients are big retail chains and we strive to be flexible and customize every deal so as to best fit the specific requirements of every customer.

Unsorted untouched used clothing in the original donation bags. These can be packaged in bales, bags 

Credential Clothing is the unsorted,Credential Clothing is also called Original Clothing, untouched donations left in the same condition and in the same bags the donator gave the items to the charity or recycling company.